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Southern Style Pulled Pork

Enjoy our Famous Southern Style Pulled Pork (1lb packages) today! 

Looking to host an event? Do you miss eating at our Famous Roadside BBQ? Or Looking for an easy meal that just needs to be heated and served?

Then you NEED to try our Southern Style Pulled Pork!

We start with premium pork rubbed with our own seasoning blend, then we smoke it low & slow with natural hardwoods for 20 hours.

Thaw, and warm for a quick meal!

Each 1lb package feeds 4 people based on 4 oz serving portions.

Serving Break down:

1-4 people: 1 Package

5-8 people: 2 Packages

9-12 people: 3 Packages

13-16 people: 4 Packages

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