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7 Reasons Why Country Smoke House Is Amazing!

7 Reasons Why Country Smoke House Is Amazing!

7 Reasons Why Country Smoke House Is Amazing!

Made in Almont, MI

All of our products are made in house at our Almont, MI shop. Whether it be our sausage, jerky, salami, you name it - Our products are meticulously hand-crafted daily in-house by local experts in their craft. We take pride in our incredibly knowledgeable, hard-working staff that produces only the best products, and has a good time doing so!


Farm to Fork

We hand select the best local products to not only sell in our storefront, but to use as ingredients in many of our recipes. From local maple syrups and sauces to livestock and produce, we love supporting the excellent farmers and businesses that make Michigan proud.


Strong Heritage

Founder Steve Francis comes from a long line of sausage makers, straight from Poland. 5 generations, to be exact! These precious recipes and techniques have been carefully passed down to preserve the way sausage SHOULD be made, and are still used to this day. Despite a strong focus on the traditional polish methods, we approach our craft with an open mind and are always willing to experiment with unexpected flavor combinations - which has led to some of our fan favorite products!


Naturally Amazing

Keeping our products as close to nature as possible is very important to us. All of our fresh meats in our store meet a high standard to keep them pure whenever possible, while still keeping them safe for you and your family. Certain smoked products are required by State & Federal law to contain preservatives for the health and welfare of the consumer. We opt for natural preservatives whenever we can, utilizing naturally found nitrates in ingredients like Celtic sea salt and celery juice. Our products contain no artificial flavors/colors or synthetic ingredients. We like to keep our products as minimally processed and natural as we can, to keep them safe, nutritious, and delicious!


Supporting A Small Business

As a growing family business in the small town of Almont, we benefit our local economy! Though we are a small family business, we have grown to become the largest deer processor in Michigan - which brings a great deal of traffic through Almont each year. We love to give back to our community and help local people develop their careers. We are also the longest running sponsor of Michigan Out Of Doors TV!


Personal Touch

We take pride in the personal touch that our business provides. Our inviting and knowledgeable staff delivers memorable service to customers, and welcome return customers as friends. If for some reason our friendly staff can't help you with your request or you have a large corporate order, just ask for Steve or Sue Francis. They are always happy to meet our customers and answer any questions!


Award Winning Flavor

Last but certainly not least, Country Smoke House has been recognized throughout the country. Our high quality products have won over 300 national & local awards - and counting! We ship all over the country - including military overseas! Share our products with your loved ones, and help us spread the word!

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