Ring Bologna

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Ring Bologna
Our Ring Bologna is made by bowl chopping select cuts of tender farm raised beef and pork to reach a creamy blend that creates a delicate texture to please the palate. We blend this mixture with our famous 125 year old family spice recipe, using natural sea salts. Our tried and true mixture is carefully stuffed into natural casings and slowly smoked over hardwood embers until fully cooked. We like to slice and fry it, and then serve it with mashed potatoes & gravy. An old time favorite! A package of Ring Bologna weighs .80 lb - 1 lb.

Cannot ship Military. Maximum 2 day shipping with reusable packaging for an additional charge added into shipping of $6.00.

Pork and Beef, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Sea Salt, Fresh Peeled Garlic, Contains Milk, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Erythorbate, Beef Casing, Naturally Smoked with Hardwoods. Shelf life is about 35 days; this product may be frozen and used at a later date.
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Ring bologna
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Very good! Wonderful taste, not greasy, would get again. Also, the packaging was wonderful. Inside the box was a nice black bag cooler with the items in it. Thank you for the care in how you mail your products.
Diana Huber