Chicken Kielbasa

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Chicken Kielbasa
Chicken Kielbasa is made with hand cut chicken breasts and thighs and blended with our savory, old world kielbasa seasoning. The chicken meat is course ground, leaving hearty chunks of chicken in the casing to achieve a very lean and healthy sausage. We patiently smoke the kielbasa for several hours over natural hardwood embers for an authentic smoky flavor. A great snack served cold with gourmet cheese and crackers or better yet, heated for a healthy dinner entree. Our Chicken Kielbasa is full of flavor with just a hint of smoke. A package of Chicken Kielbasa weighs 1.30 - 1.50 lbs. The weight of the Chicken Kielbasa is determined after it is fully smoked.
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100% All Boneless Chicken Breast. Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Fresh Peeled Garlic, Sodium Nitrite, Hog Casing, Naturally Smoked with Hardwoods. Shelf life is about 35 days; This product may be frozen and used at a later date.