Baked Honey Spiral Sliced Ham

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Baked Honey Spiral Sliced Ham
Choose this baked honey ham and make your life easy! It is fully cooked, so just warm and serve to impress your guests. These ham slices make a delicious cold sandwich. This pork honey ham is lightly seasoned with cloves and brown sugar, slowly roasted and smoked to perfection. An extra packet of brown sugar glaze is included. DO NOT overheat this gourmet spiral ham or else it will dry out. That would be a tragedy! Easy cooking instructions included. Size = 7 - 8 1/2 lb. Approximately 1/2 lb of ham per person. The weight of the Baked Honey Spiral Sliced Ham is determined after it is fully smoked. **FREE GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED**
Cannot ship Military. Maximum 2 day shipping with reusable packaging for an additional charge added into shipping of $6.00.