Wild Game Processing

Get the most out of your deer or any other wild game animal with Country Smoke House processing services.

Country Smoke House is the largest deer processor in the state of Michigan. We wouldn't be this "big" if we couldn't satisfy our customers. Our business has grown almost solely by word of mouth from our satisfied customers. Our 40 homemade recipes for smoked Snak Stix, Salami, Jerky, Viennas, Specialty Sausage, Hams and more, are made from your deer meat; saving you 50-60% from buying the same product retail. We skin your wild game animal and immediately store them in our huge walk-in cooler. We prefer you to bring your deer in with the hide on; there may be an extra cleaning charge and for loss of hide. Keeping the hide on will also help protect your deer meat from drying out and getting dirty and/or contaminated.

Our professional butchers will custom cut to your needs. Get the most out of your deer or any other wild game animal. We custom process your animal with a turn around time, including sausage, of usually 7 - 10 days. You receive YOUR fresh deer cuts & burger packaged, labeled & frozen; guaranteed . We double freezer wrap with both plastic and freezer wrap, placing plastic between steaks and marking packages accordingly. Vacuum packed meat sometimes breaks it's seal in the freezer, leaving your meat vulnerable for freezer burn. Our double freezer wrap last for at least 1 year. Your processed meat is immediately placed in our freezers. All are welcome to watch our system to assure your deer meat is returned to you. We can make smoked or fresh sausage and jerky from almost every animal.

If you looking to save a few bucks. Save the processing fee by processing the deer yourself and bring the trim to Country Smoke House to be made into sausage and jerky. Remember to keep your hinds whole if you would like whole muscle jerky made by us.

If you have meat in your freezer left over from last year's hunt, bring it in and have it made into any of our 35 choices of sausage to take to deer camp. A minimal of 8 lbs. is required. Unfortunately, packaged freezer meat cannot be made into jerky. Our jerky is made from whole muscle and it must be a large piece of meat, big enough to slice on a slicer. So never waste last year's meat, bring it in and we can make great sausage for you!

Deer Processing Facts

Bone-In Cut – Expect 40-45% wt. Return from the field dressed wt. on a clean shot.

Boneless Cut – Expect 30-35% wt. Return from the field dressed wt. on a clean shot.

These numbers hold true unless the deer has been shot more than once. Each bullet hole causes damage, such as bruising, blood clots and can even blow apart the meat. Large amounts of meat are lost due to bone splinters in hind legs and shoulders. The bullet will sometimes travel into the other side of the deer where it could do more damage to the other shoulder. Country Smoke House prides itself on processing edible cuts of meat for your table. If there are heavily blood-infused steaks or roasts, we may not save that particular cut of meat. We would trim it as much as possible and put the scraps into burger. Other damaged areas can be caused by the deer running through the woods after it has been shot, bruising it self against trees or from a heavy fall. Some deer have old wounds or tumors that cannot be seen until it is processed. There are many other factors that can cause damaged meat that can only be determined once the hide is removed. At Country Smoke House, we process your deer as if we are cutting steaks for Grandma. If the steak is not presentable for the table, it will be trimmed and we will salvage as much as possible. We want you to be happy with our processing expertise so we can retain your business. If you should have any questions, please call us anytime.

Customer Drop-off and Pick-up

Take the hassle out and put the flavor in! Process your own deer, keep the processing fee, and bring in your boneless trim or last year's freezer meat and we will make the sausage products that you crave.

Award Winning Sausage or Jerky is just a drive away.


We have excellent taxidermy services available to make it a one-stop shop for your convenience. (Please leave the hide on when dropping your deer off. We have professional skinners for special mounts )