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Smoked Turkey [DEPOSIT]

Smoked Turkeys are now available online!!

Reserve your Country Smoke House Smoked Turkey Today!

14-16lbs Turkeys available at $3.89 /lb

The Country Smoke House's Smoked Turkeys have been a staple for the Holidays for decades! Our moist and tender Smoked Turkeys are perfect for Thanksgiving, just heat and serve!

How Ordering Online Works:

1. You will pay a deposit ($20 per turkey) and shipping at checkout. We can only ship a max of two Tuekys in a box so if you reserve more than 2 Turkeys we will have to send them in separate boxes (additional shipping rates do apply).

2. We will contact you Monday, November 22nd to give you the final quote of YOUR Smoked Turkey. estimated $55-$65 per Smoked Turkey.

3. We'll ship out your turkey THAT day!


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***Shipping Disclaimer***

Due to seasonal demands, carriers may not deliver on time. We are NOT responsible for delayed shipments and cannot guarantee a delivery BY Thanksgiving. Any shipping disputes will have to be done through UPS. Thank you!