Smoked Favorites

Looking for a unique and impressive entree? Check out some of our other famous items, available anytime, year round.

The Country Smoke House is always getting new ideas for bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? Our bacon is not packed with additives and will taste better then any bacon you have ever had.

Our one-of-a-kind Smoked Turkey has a very unique, enjoyable smoky flavor - and this turkey is never dry! Or try a famous Baked Honey Spiral Sliced Ham with an extra brown sugar glaze packet. We produce five types of smoked kielbasa, made with the leanest meat and seasoned with our family recipe, including fresh, peeled garlic. Kielbasa can be a main entree dish or a late night snack.

Country Smoke House smoked turkeys, hams and kielbasa's are fully cooked - just warm & serve!

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