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Welcome to Country Smoke House!

We have over 60 National & State Awards for our homemade Wild Game & Domestic Jerky. Twelve years in a row at the Michigan state competition, we took state championship awards for several of our products. A few of those products are Wild Game & Domestic Snak Stix and Wild Game & Domestic Salami. The Country Smoke House has perfected our own recipes, and is continually adding more to our list. We specialize in Elk, Buffalo, and Venison. We also carry a line of smoked and fresh meats such as: Bear, Caribou, Emu, Boar, Smoked Turkey, Beef, Pork, Pheasant, Chicken, etc. All of our smoked and fresh sausages are made here at our state of the art facility using our own homemade recipes. We make whole muscle jerky that has the perfect texture, moisture, and flavor that won several state champion awards. 

All of our meat products are gluten free!

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